Briefing - OBESITY: 
Obesity is a modern problem - statistics for it did not even exist 50 years ago. The increase of convenience foods, labor-saving devices, motorized transport and more sedentary jobs means people are getting fatter.

Where does it all begin? With kids, and their tablets, their lack of enthusiasm for physical activity, and their love for French fries. Look around you and unless you live in a country that predominantly has the opposite problem (I mean starvation) – you’ll see overweight kids all around you. There are bigger problems in the world, of course, but this is worth tackling too. It has major implications on our health systems, our economy and our lives.

Think of an idea that would (also) make use of technology to:
- Raise awareness about this issue
- Engage parents
- Convince kids that it’s good to be healthy
- Trigger a change in behaviour

Be innovative, be insightful, and be simple.

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My role: Concept, Art Direction, Video Production
Client: Young Glory 2014/15 - Round 1
Judge: Carlo Cavallone (ECD 72andSunny)
Creatives: Ailton Henriques and Alexandre Oliveira


Multiplayer Online Games are massive, huge. League of Legends alone has more than 3 million players at any given moment. More daily players than Instagram has daily visitors. They also have a problem: media and parents always point them as a major cause of youth sedentarism.

how these games works

With a free-to-play model, these MMO games are all ruled by the hunting of experience points: the more you play, the more points you’ll get to advance. Of course you can buy things with real money, but for kids this is much more difficult. It’s easier to play all day long.

That’s why companies like Blizzard and Riot Games are getting stormed by criticism.

Although they are not targeted to children, these games have a undeniable appeal to them. Which is why parents and the media have started a smear campaign against these games, putting these companies at risk.

our proposal

In this scenario, we see an opportunity. A chance to make children healthier and game companies more socially responsible.

A new way to gain experience points in MMOs and alike games: though physical activity. Stimulating small healthy choices in how to accumulate points, we promote a great long-term benefit.  Children know the importance of being active and healthy, but they just don’t care about it. With this system, we’ll offer a good reason to walk to school and not pick up the escalator. We're not getting people to stop playing: just decreasing the need for farming, a dull and lengthy activity made ​ only to gain points.

how it works

Just activate the app, through your child smartphone or watch.

The physical activity is measured and linked to your community account. For the first time your kid will want to go somewhere on foot. In the game store, you have the option to trade your accumulated points for traditional XP or selected items, exclusive to those who have Physical XP.  By the end of each month, the players that generate the most physical points receive real items of the games they play. These souvenirs always relate to a heathy lifestyle.  Rewards may be real World of Warcraft’s Gnomish Rocket Boots, perfect for running in the playground, or League of Legend’s farm grown carrots.

Turning a symbol of youth sedentarism into an ally for child health.