PornHub Campaign

When you need sex, you see it everywhere. That's why we propose a out-of-Home strategy to generate awareness and traffic to PornHub. We place displays in very busy locations, instilling and breeding curiosity. Although we are talking dirty, the message is clean and graceful and only those who speak our language will get the message.

Special Activation
In the restroom of these places we put an incisive call to action, that completes the original message saying: "the bathroom just by your side could be the place, to enjoy and visit PornHub right in that moment." Of course these posters will be childproof, visible to only those that are higher than 5'3 feet. A detail that makes all the difference when we talk about adult entertainment advertising.

My role: Concept and Art Direction
Client: PornHub
Art Director: Ailton Henriques
Copywriter: Alexandre Oliveira
Illustrator/3D: Pablo Alfieri / Plenty